Class Rules 2017

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Posted June 23, 2017

Caney Valley Speedway

                      2017 Factory Stock Rules (Formerly Pure Stock)

2017 C.V.S. FACTORY STOCK RULES Car: American made rear wheel drive, front engine car. No 4 wheel drives, convertibles. Minimum wheel base 101 inches.

Engine: Must have V-8 engine, OEM size and configuration. 360 Max C.I.D. No stroker or destroke combinations allowed. No 400 blocks. Motors must be in stock location. May use solid motor mounts. Flat top pistons only. No performance parts of any kind allowed. Cast iron OEM heads only, no vortec, no double humps. no late model center bolts heads, no small chamber. No Crate motors allowed. Head combustion chamber can be no smaller than 72 cc. Factory OEM performance heads are not allowed. The OEM Flat Boss on the exhaust side of the head can be no closer than 1.170 to the deck of the block. This will help stop over milling of the head surface and increasing compression.

 3/8 screw in studs and guide plates allowed. No porting, polishing, milling, or altering of combustion chambers of any kind. Smooth idle cams only. Cams must pull 16” of vacuum at 800 rpms, and have a maximum cam lift of .450 at the rocker arm. It is highly recommended that you have a tach in your car, Hyd cams only, no hyd roller cams. No anti-pump up lifters allowed. Stock rocker arms,1.5 stock ratio must be maintained, chevy rockers must have stock insigna and stock rocker nuts, must run 0 valve lash, rocker nuts must back off ¾  turn before 0 valve lash, no stud girdles. Cast iron exhaust manifolds, no Ram Horn, no center dump or LT 1 allowed.  Cast iron intakes only, must have 4 holes, no porting,polishing or cutting of any kind on intake. No bowtie or Marine style intakes allowed. Headers will be allowed, must not exceed 1 5/8 outside diameter to the collector, no step headers. Must remain inside the frame.

Carb: Unmodified 4412 2-brl cfm Holley or 1850 600 cfm Holley or Edelbrock 600 cfm. Must have full choke horn. May remove the choke butterfly. Must meet go-no-go gauge, no performance models allowed. Willey’s quick fuel, etc. Must be original replacement Holley carb. Mr. Gasket part #1933 or #1929 adapters only. Or you may run a unmodified 4-brl Quadra jet carb, must have choke horn, may remove choke butterfly. No carb spacers on 4-brls. 1850 type carb can not use cut down rear shaft. Base plate throttle bore must be 1.5725 or less.

Transmission: Stock trans only. Standard trans must have all working forward and reverse gears, stock OEM flywheel, min. 11” clutch and pressure plates. No aluminum flywheels or nodular iron Corvette style allowed. Automatics must have min. 11” converter. No dummy converter.

Driveshaft: Must be painted white and have car # on it. Safety loop required and within 12” of front u-joint. OEM size shafts only.

Rear-ends: OEM original rear ends in stock location, or 9 inch Ford with stock drum or disc brakes, floaters ok, gears may be locked by welding of spiders. All mounting points must match all mounting points on the rear end from original, no aluminum calipers. Rear lower spring seat must be welded to rear end housing tube, no bolt on spring seat mount. Rear trailing arm top mount can not be more than 2 1/2” from center of bolt to top of rear end housing at anytime. Rear trailing arm bottom mount can not be more the 3” from bottom housing tube to center of bolt at anytime. No rear control arm bushing with spherical bushing or off set bushing top or bottom front or rear of control arm. Cars with leaf springs must remain stock, no exceptions. Spring mounts on rear end need to be same side to side no off setting. No spring rubbers. Trailing arm mounts on rear end must be same height side to side.

Body: No gutting of any kind except for door bar clearance. May cut under fuel cell in trunk area only. May cut fenders for tire clearance, plastic nose piece ok. Trunk lid and hood may be gutted. 6 in. spoiler ok.

Tires & Wheels: 8” or 10” asphalt take offs allowed. 10” steel wheels max. May run the KK704 mod tire but must run 8” wheels. No mixing of tires, sipping and grooving are allowed. Bead-lock on right rear only! All tires must durometer 55

Driver’s Area: Must have 5-poing safety harness no more than 2 years old. Aluminum seat only! Must have fire extinguisher, Must have arm restraints or window net.

Steering column in stock location, quick release wheel ok, quickners allowed. Stock brake pedal in stock location. 3 bars min. in front of driver in windshield.

Bumpers: Stock bumpers or tube bumpers ok, must cut wrap around off the ends. No sharp edges. No bars connected to bumpers. No cow killer bumpers

Weight: 3,300 lbs after race with driver. Added weight ballast must be painted white and have car # on it. Must be mounted with 2 ½” bolts min.

Brakes: Must be OEM front and rear with OEM master cylinder. Right front shut off allowed. No proportioning valves. All brakes must work at all times. No brake bias on front or rear allowed. No hanging pedals or aftermarket master cylinders.

Fuel: Pump Gas or Racing Gas, no Methanol or E85.

Suspension: OEM suspension only. Stock mounts in stock location only. racing shocks allowed,no rebuildable or adjustable shocks allowed, NO heim end shocks! Racing springs allowed, must be same size on both sides. No adjustable spring spacers on front or rear. May use cut to fit type only, 2 inch max. Aftermarket Upper steel A arms ok, right 8”-8 ½” long, left 8 ½”-9” long. No long stem or tall ball joints.

We reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time for the improvement or safety of the sport. Min. age 13 years old with parental release form on file. IF YOU ARE RACING IN ANY OTHER CLASS YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN IN FACTORY STOCK.



2016 Street Stock Rules (Formerly Factory Stock)

2016 C.V.S. STREET STOCK RULES Car: Any American made 2-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and front engine car. Min 101 wheel base must be the same as car being run. No independent rear suspension. No 4-wheel drives, convertibles or station wagons.

Engine: Flat top piston only. *YOU CAN RUN STOCK AFTER MARKET HEADS*....NO AFTER MARKET blocks allowed, any aluminum non air gap intake, no angle plug heads, stud girdles allowed. vac secondary 4 barrel carb. max cfm 750,Venturil size front and rear 1.4475 or less,base plate throttle bore must be 1.6975 or less, boosters may be down leg or down leg step or straight, no annular style or aerosol type bossters, Carb must meet go-no-go gauge. Headers are allowed. No 180 degree headers. No crossover headers. Stock type HEI ignition only. No MSD boxes or magnetos. Engine must be in stock location May use solid mounts. NO ROLLER CAMS, ROLLER ROCKER ARMS OK

Head #’s: DS: Chevy, World product s/r, s/r torker I-052, Chevy EQ CH 318A,

Vortec EQ CH 350C, RHS Vortec OK, Dart Iron Eagle s/s, Chevy Vortec s/s, Ford,

Windsor Jr and Sr, Ford Dart 13301111, Chrysler, EQ CH318A

Trans & Clutch: OEM trans ok,may run mini clutch or automatic with gate valve, aluminum flywheel ok. All gears must work in forward and reverse. Must have inspection hole in bell housing. Explosion proof bell housing is recommended, BERTS, BRINNS OR FALCONS ALLOWED, Tonganoxie transmissions allowed .

Driveshaft: steel OEM driveshaft only, must have safety loop with in 12” of front u-joint. Must be painted white and you’re your car # on it.

Rear-end:9” floater style ok. 4-wheel disc ok. No quick change devices allowed.

Body: Must be OEM stock appearing body, Aluminum sides ok, Plastic nose ok. 6” spoiler allowed max. 18” side braces. Must have 3 windshield bars in of the driver.

Firewall & Floor pan: Must have firewall may be fabricated out of steel or aluminum, may be moved back to the first factory seam or 12 inches from back of motor, floor pan under driver only, all holes must be covered.

Roll Cage: 6-point cage with at least 3 drivers side door bars and x-brace to rear of car. Must be welded to frame in a safe manner. Front and rear hoops are allowed Min. tubing thickness is .095. Unibody cars must be tied together at sub frames If rear frame rails are rusted and need repaired you may cut the frame at a point no further forward than the vertical center line of the rear end housing and replace.

Brakes: May use dual master cylinders, Brake bias adjuster ok. All 4 brakes must work upon inspection. RF shut offs ok. All calipers must be OEM.

Suspension:OEM only. All mount and parts must remain stock OEM location. Factory length trailing arms on both sides. No shortening allowed. Mounts on the bottom of the housing must not be lower than 3 ½” below the tube and the top must not be more than 3” above the housing at anytime. Leaf spring in stock mounts and in stock location. Lowering blocks and spring spacers are allowed. No more than 2” of spacer on any 1 spring. adjustable spacers allowed front and rear, weight jacks allowed. Rear springs must be the same length on both sides. Upper A-arms on the front may be replaced with aftermarket tubular type with cross shaft only. Steel type uppers only. No suspension stops allowed. Rear lower spring seat must be weld to rear end housing tube. No bolt on spring seat mount. No rear control arm busing with spherical busing or offset busing top or bottom front or rear of control arm. Cars with leaf springs front and rear of spring must me mounted in stock location, no spherical bushings allowed.

Shocks: Steel shocks only.May run heim end shocks on front and rear, front shocks must be mounted to A frame top or bottom, rear shocks must be mounted behind housing, no spring rubbers of any kind allowed No take apart or rebuildable shocks allowed, one shock per wheel. Steering: Quick release style ok. Steering quickners ok. Aftermarket power steering pumps allowed.

Fuel: Gas only,E85 ok, no alcohol. Fuel cells mandatory. No stock type tanks allowed. No electric pumps.

Tires & Wheels: 10” steel wheels max. Asphalt takeoffs 11” max. 8” tires and wheels ok, American racer kk704, hoosier g-60 ok. No mixing of tires, sipping and grooving allowed. Beadlocks on the right side ok. All tires must durometer 55 min after race.

*WEIGHT 3.000 lbs after race with driver*. All weight must be mounted with 2 ½” bolts and painted white with car # on it. If running larger than 360 cubic inch, must weigh 3,200 lbs. If running aftermarket transmission must add 50 lbs. in front of bellhousing.

Safety: Min. 5-point harness. Must not be more that 2 years old. Aluminum racing seat only. Must have fire extinguisher. Must have window net or arm restraints. Must have kill switch marked clearly on/off in plain sight. Mandatory fire suit, gloves, shoes etc. at all time. The rules are subject to change at any time by C.V.S. for the improvement of the sport.







2016 CVS Late Model rules

CANEY VALLEY SPEEDWAY 2016 RULES Tires Hoosier D55, WRS/WRS-2, LM-40 Must durometer 55 Weight 2300 Lbs. with aluminum motor Weight 2200 Lbs. with steel motor Spoiler height with aluminum motor is 8 inches maximum Spoiler height with steel motor is 10 inches maximum Maximum width of rear spoiler including braces and supports is 72 inches May run nose wings not to exceed 3 inches tall and not to extend past nose filler onto hood. (2 maximum)