2021 Factory Stock Rules

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Posted January 21, 2021

Caney Valley Speedway
2021 Factory Stock Rules

Anything in red is changed

Car: American made rear-wheel drive, front-engine car. No 4 wheel drives, convertibles, or pickups. Minimum wheelbase 101 inches.


Engine: Must have V-8 engine, OEM size and configuration. 360 Max C.I.D. No stroker or destroke combinations allowed. No 400 blocks. Motors must be in stock location. May use solid motor mounts. Flat top or dish pistons only. No performance parts of any kind allowed. Cast iron OEM heads only, may use EQ GM part number CH350I Dart 10021070 World 4360, Ford World Products 53030 no vortec, angle plug, no double humps. No late model center bolts heads, no small chamber. 602  Crate motors allowed, Crate motors must use a stock Hollet 350 cfmcarburetor, Head combustion chamber can be no smaller than 72 cc. Factory OEM performance heads are not allowed. The OEM Flat Boss on the exhaust side of the head can be no closer than 1.170 to the deck of the block. This will help stop over milling of the head surface and increasing compression. 

3/8 screw in studs and guide plates allowed. No porting, polishing, milling, or altering of combustion chambers of any kind. Smooth idle cams only. Have a maximum cam lift of .450 at the rocker arm. It is highly recommended that you have a tach in your car, Hyd cams only, no hyd roller cams. No anti-pump up lifters allowed. Roller rocker arms ok,1.5 ratio must be maintained,  stud girdles ok, Cast iron exhaust manifolds, no Ram Horn, no center dump or LT 1 allowed.  Cast iron intakes only, must have 4 holes, no porting,polishing or cutting of any kind on intake.Edelbrock #2101 or #2701 Ford Edelbrock #7121  #2181 aluminum intakes are allowed, No bowtie or Marine style intakes allowed. Headers will be allowed, must not exceed 1 5/8 outside diameter to the collector, no step headers. Fender exit headers ok.


Carb: Unmodified 4412 2-brl cfm Holley or 1850 600 cfm Holley or Edelbrock 600 cfm or unmodified quadrajet. Must be original replacement Holley carb. Mr. Gasket part #1933 or #1929 adapters only. No carb spacers on 4-brls. MUST BE STOCK, no modifications. No exceptions.

Transmission: Stock trans only. Standard trans must have all working forward and reverse gears, stock OEM flywheel, min. 10.5 clutch and pressure plates. No aluminum flywheels or nodular iron Corvette style allowed. Automatics must have min. 11” converter. No dummy converter.


Driveshaft: Must be painted white and have car # on it. Safety loop required and within 12” of front u-joint. OEM size shafts only.


Rear-ends: OEM original rear ends in stock location, or 9 inch Ford with stock drum or disc brakes, floaters ok, gears may be locked by welding of spiders. Mini spools or full spools can be used. All mounting points must match all mounting points on the rear end from original, no aluminum calipers. Rear lower spring seat must be welded to rear end housing tube, no bolt on spring seat mount. Rear trailing arm top mount can not be more than 2 1/2” from center of bolt to top of rear end housing at anytime. Rear trailing arm bottom mount can not be more the 3 ½” from bottom housing tube to center of bolt at anytime. No rear control arm bushing with spherical bushing or off set bushing top or bottom front or rear of control arm. Cars with leaf springs must remain stock, no exceptions. Spring mounts on rear end need to be same side to side no off setting. No spring rubbers. Trailing arm mounts on rear end must be same height side to side.


Body: Stock appearing body, must have body lines, no slab bodys, aluminum ok but must be stock appearing, 6” spoiler allowed.

Roll Cage: 6-point cage with at least 3 drivers side door bars and x-brace to rear of car. Must be welded to frame in a safe manner. Front and rear hoops are allowed. Min. tubing thickness is. .095. Unibody cars must be tied together at sub frames. 


Tires & Wheels: 8” or 10” asphalt take offs allowed. 10” steel wheels max. May run the KK704 mod tire but must run 8” wheels. No mixing of tires, sipping and grooving are allowed. Bead-lock on right side only, All tires must durometer 55


Driver’s Area: Must have 5-poing safety harness no more than 2 years old. Aluminum seat only! Must have fire extinguisher, Must have arm restraints or window net.


Steering column in stock location, quick release wheel ok, quickners allowed.


Bumpers: Stock bumpers or tube bumpers ok, must cut wrap around off the ends. No sharp edges. No bars connected to bumpers. No cow killer bumpers


Weight: 3,000 lbs after race with driver. Added weight ballast must be painted white and have car # on it. Must be mounted with 2 ½” bolts min.


Brakes: Must be OEM front and rear with OEM master cylinder. Right front shut off allowed. No proportioning valves. All brakes must work at all times. No brake bias on front or rear allowed. Hanging pedals or aftermarket master cylinders ok, but no adjusters allowed.


Fuel: Pump Gas or Racing Gas, no Methanol or E85.


Suspension: OEM suspension only. Stock mounts in stock location only. racing shocks allowed. No adjustable shocks allowed, NO heim end shocks! Racing springs allowed, must be same size on both sides. You can run adjustable spring spacers on front and  rear. Aftermarket Upper steel A arms ok, right 8”-8 ½” long, left 8 ½”-9” long. No long stem or tall ball joints. Weight jacks ok as long as they are welded solid.


We reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time for the improvement or safety of the sport. Min. age 12 years old with parental release form on file. 


If you win more than 3 Races you will be subject for Extensive  tech and may be required to remove a cylinder head.